How Often Do I Post To Social Media For My Business

We all have a love hate relationship with it – Social Media. I’ve found myself taking many breaks from it. Un-plugging and going back to quality in-person family time! Enjoyed some paperback books, in-person moments with my lunch (instead of photographing it until it’s cold) and just quality human time.

But what’s too much? How much is too little? We’ve all heard the saying, “less is more” but in a world obsessed with having more what exactly is the balance for your photography business?

Obviously you don’t want to spam your followers, but you also don’t want them to forget you exist. Over the years I’ve found that there is no one right answer for all businesses when it comes to social media. Wedding photographers need to spend more time on Pinterest than on Twitter. Portrait photographers need to spend more time on Facebook than on Pinterest. It’s all different for every specialty.

What I do know is that you can figure out exactly what your photography business needs by tracking how your posts do. Continue reading How Often Do I Post To Social Media For My Business


Customer Loyalty & Breakfast Sandwiches

Understanding Consumer Behavior and How To Be Better Than Your Competition!

You ever buy something from somewhere all the time even though you know it’s not the best place you can get it from? For example, every morning I go to the Bodega on my street and buy a ham, egg, and cheese on a roll with a ton of mayo (I know I know so unhealthy). Now, across the street from this Bodega is The Bagel Store, a one of kind bagel shoppe that makes amazing sandwiches and has been all over yelp and won awards for their amazing-bagel-ness!! Adjacent to my local Bodega is a 24-Hour Deli, who are very busy each morning because their bagels/rolls are so good!

I do not buy my morning sandwich from The Bagel Store because they are more expensive ($6 for my sandwich versus $3.50 at the Bodega). The 24-Hour Deli is the SAME PRICE as the Bodega, and their sandwich is actually BETTER tasting!!

Why do I get my ham, egg, and cheese roll at the Bodega then? I only have to walk across the street for a better sandwich at the same price.


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4 To-Do’s Right Now to Book More Photography Clients

book more photography clients

When you dream of owning your own photography business, often the dreams looks like hours of shooting, creating, meeting exciting people, and making your own money. The reality is part of that dream comes true, but not without a lot of work. Are you doing everything you can to market your photography business? Everything you can to be a dedicated and savvy business owner? Are you utilizing your relationships and expanding business daily? If yes, then GREAT! Digital high five to you! If you think you are, but aren’t sure, or you know you’re not but want to, then still GREAT! I want to help – so digital smile to you!

Here are 4 things you can do right now to book more photography clients.

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Why You Should Require A Deposit From Your Clients

Why You Should Require A Deposit

When I first decided to become a photographer, I was overwhelmed with excitement! A little bit insecure because, well, I was starting a business. It turns out I had a lot to learn. One of the most important lessons – financially – that I learned was why it is necessary to require a deposit from my clients before I officially booked their session.

Bookings Galore!

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What the Dentist Taught Me About: Providing Good Client Experiences in Your Photography Business.

Photography Business Marketing

I recently had 4 wisdom teeth removed by doctor David Kessler, DMD, MD. My appointment was on a Friday at 12:30pm and his office assistant gave me a call Thursday to confirm it. What I experienced during my visit is almost as valuable as the anesthesia they gave me before the extraction! (clearly I valued being put to sleep!!) Dr. Kessler’s office appearance and staff hospitality said something about his practice, and it was something good!

The waiting area was very clean, the walls were painted a pastel yellow with brown leather furniture and art hanging on the walls. All of the office assistants were well spoken, very nice, and had all the paperwork ready to go on clip boards waiting to be signed. It was only about 10 minutes before I was called, and had my teeth x-rayed. The machine was super fancy looking and took a 360 x-ray of my mouth while I was standing. About 10 minutes later I was sitting in a dental chair, being prepped by dental assistants, and then Dr. Kessler came in. He informed me of his best recommendation for my teeth extractions, explained what the pain would be like, why I should get the surgery, how long it will take, what my patient rights were, what kind of medicine I’d be given, and then I asked my questions. He seemed to listen to my concerns, and reassured me that his recommendation was coming from experience. (I wanted to remove 2 wisdom teeth instead of 4, but he said I won’t want to return after I feel the pain…yikes!).

After I woke up, my face was swollen, I was higher than a kite, and the nurse let me sit it out before she explained the do’s and don’ts of recovery. Overall, it was a smooth experience. I was out of there in all of two and half hours, and teeth problem free!

You might be wondering what the heck my wisdom teeth story has to do with your photography business…

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